Red MEDUSA Studio.

Russia, Moscow. Date of establishment November 10, 2007.


Head of Studio — Angelina KRAVCHENKO

General Producer Katerina KASHINTCEVA

Production Designer Aleksey MIHAILOV


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The main activity - animations in the full service.

Reasonable prices, responsibility, and consistent superior quality give us a significant advantage in the market. While individual approach and wide range of creative solutions easily satisfy even the most demanding customers!

We also have experience in creating computer games, staged and stop-motion videos, music videos. Animatic and storyboards-making making in tight deadlines, both for the commercials, and for the full-length movies, deserve your special attention.
Now Red Medusa is in production of several new series, which, as we hope, will surpass the popularity of our previous projects, including 80-part «VERSUS», «Three Russian Bogaturs», «Batmetal»!
If you have an interest in purchasing such products - please!
There are ready-exclusive videos and a pilot episodes with very high viral potential.

You can order the animated video "turnkey". But that's not all! We can also offer You ready-made solutions. There are ready to release exclusive viral videos and even TV shows! But if You call us right now, you will receive a gift Aerocarrier.


101000, Moscow,

Small Zlatoustinskiy Lane, 6, p.1

Тel.: +7 (495) 797-18-16 / +7 (903) 797-18-16



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               "Games of Throlls"














In our Studio animations and cartoons Red MEDUSA, you can order 2D animation, 2D animated movie animated flashby time-lapse funny and viral. Direct super virus super viral'll break all that direct under the table lol. and inexpensive urgently in Russia or foreign understandable without translation non verbal nonverbal film with interhuman offer to quickly make a corporate presentation of the company, for the organization of event activities. For example, the customer, as a private person wants to buy an interactive birthday card or a holiday, Yes, even on new year or a wedding, and will get carbon monoxide bright cheerful and funny animated cartoon "turnkey" type of positive cartoon, about himself or friends. And want to order another animation series, animated series for YouTube or on YouTube, and best of all, all Internet TV platform vimeo sites and youtube. At many episodes in each season, to order the production of the production of animated videos promotional and steep. With our proprietary voice acting or how it sounded and even scoring in the style of crunches crunch versus or as three Russian Bogaturs voice, but you can overlay another track where the sound is voice-over narration is correct according to the script author. And animated animated music video music video clip on the popular tune will help to promote the team and quickly spin group in social networks. Advertising Agency full cycle or PR Manager of marketing Department, too, often use such methods to increase ratings. Can creative the video is ready to buy or manufacture of the cartoon book, cool animations for the site to completely turn key. Only very important for the animation to storyboard storyboard storyboard was sharp plans, and in making the animatic animatic Director then turned out to be dynamic. Then the customers are satisfied with respect to writing, comments, likes, and put many hits together. But even on TV you placing order, television Full HD TV format tv-movie: piquant provocative brain burst for adults, good for kids children, youth cool TV series. Or to order a simple flash movie, hand-drawn on a tablet computer h. b. vector monochrome black and white, although color raster painted in a colorful palette with a bright palette in a rainbow of colours too, you can remove the video clip in a short time. Only the first to draw backgrounds, sketches of heroes characters to adopt, available sizes, lipsing, layouts, prepare and mount on the half-line while the cover happens all the time. Again a recognizable author's style in the frames present. Though flash animation, though the classic frame-by-frame animation, also twins in Adobe Flash, and even simple relaying, or even exclusive stop-motion stop-motion, where the timing without restrictions, however, preferably a half or two minutes, but preferably 30 to 40 seconds. According to the original story, but with the main superhero known from the comics and cool special effects computer graphics. It is important to write clear loglin, exciting synopsis, a brilliant script and strictly in time to the client to provide. And the reference timing to paint, ready to animated video to urgently pass strictly within short deadlines and in accordance with the references in the brief to the target audience. And tenders we love, participation in the tender for production of the animated movie is always interesting for us, because we are the tenders to win love. This is not surprising because we are the most talented animators in the post-Soviet space. Disney's animation classic love, but flash animation cheaply and quickly it is more convenient under the desired format and target audience. Cartoon videos are different, sometimes on freelance order from freelancers to cheaper and then find who the advance payment was made is not always possible. We work officially at least cash, although the cash payment by wire transfer as a legal entity, and it is possible and without payment when the deadline is tight and the contract concluded already in the process of production of the cartoon, in order not to lose time and the customer not to fail. We value our excellent reputation for many years and never let on terms. And quality no complaints and was not all happy. Our clients successfully develop their business and thrive. Which is what You want!.